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Main References of High Speed in the last 5 years

- Independent validation assessment and Independent study for CoV homologation (track circuit). 2022 Spain

- Detailed Design for the execution of renovation works for the Signaling Installations, Train Protection Systems, Technical Buildings, Auxiliary Detection Systems, Energy Supply and Auxiliary Civil works for the High Speed Line Madrid-Seville.  2021 Spain

Construction projects, Execution of Works, Conservation and Maintenance of Interlocking Installations, Train Protection Systems, Centralized Traffic Control, Auxiliary Detection Systems, Power Supply System, Fixed Telecommunications, Mobile Telecommunications, Protection and Security Installations. Section: Encina Node - Xátiva- Valencia of the Mediterranean Corridor. The section where the high-speed line will be operated is 105 kilometers long and ETCS level 2 will be deployed. The conventional line is 116 kilometers long and will have ETCS level 1. 2020 Spain

- Signaling and Telecommunications Detailed Design Integration for the Construction and Maintenance of the GSM-R  of Humanes-Monfragüe rail line. Total lenght: 229,6 km., 2020 Spain


RAMS Civil study and track works contract. CTW 120. Jubail to Damman link. Length in the section: 114 km, 2019 United Arab Emirates

Modernization of Signalling Systems Tanta/ El Mansoura/ Domietta Corridor Length of Railway line: 65 km., 2016 Egypt

Working Staff Protection System Platform High Speed Line Mecca- Medina. The LAV has a length of 450 km, 2016 Saudi Arabia

- Detail Design for High Speed Railway Madrid- Levante. Stretch: Monforte del Cid- Murcia: Detailed design of interlocking facilities, train protection system, Centralized Traffic Control (C.T.C) and detection systems; Detailed design of conditions to signalling line 25 kV ; Detailed design of Signalling System, Telecommunication System, CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) and Access Control;Detailed design of GSM-R installations. Length of Railway line: 61,7 kilometres. Speed of the Railway line: 350 km/h ERTMS: Level 1 and 2, 2015, Spain 

Consultancy services for the integrated management of the National Railway Project in the Sultanate of Oman. Length of the railroad line: 2,244 km. Maximum speed for freight trains of 120 km/h and 220 Km/h for passenger trains, 2015 Sultanate of Oman